83 days to go.

Late Entry. Saturday.

Up early and went back to the same Starbucks I was at last night (in the same outfit I might add). I didn’t have time to think up a new outfit and last’s night outfit did me well.

C, S, T, B and I then went to the Sodo Flea Market. I refrained from buying plants and candles and necklaces and rings. Barely. Then we went onto City Garden People store and I refrained again from buying more plants. We then all went to the Capitol Cider for brunch. I wanted a Vegan breakfast but they didn’t have Vegan food so I asked for an avocado, a tomato, and toast. And a side of fruit. The waitress told me Avocado Toast was not on the menu but I showed her it was. 🙂

W had a baby shower at 3:30PM so despite my present not coming on time, I showed up to show support.

And then a walk with J, and dinner and a movie with J and M.