72 days to go.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I wish I was with her and could make her a big chocolate cake and her favorite meal. She loves Mexican food. And gardening. And books. And Scrabble. And her husband, kids, grandkids, and son in law. And all her friends. 🙂 Yes, in that exact order. My mom has been the stable force in my life. I’ve watched her pray my entire life and I have no doubt that’s the reasons things have turned out as well as they have for us.

Today is also the day of my sister’s death. Angela died in 1982. They woke up and found her passed away. I slept in that day which was something I never did back then. She was one of my first friends and I didn’t get to say goodbye.

Remember: Say what you need to say. Before it’s too late!

And it’s almost Friday! Hallelujah!