71, 70, 69, 68, 67 days to go.  Late Entries-obviously.

Thursday: I’m sure it was a lovely evening 🙂

Friday: He came over at 7:30pm so we walked to the vegan thai restaurant for dinner and then watched BlueBloods. It was a very nice evening. He brought me flowers. I haven’t had a boy bring me flowers in a long time…I think it’s been at least 2 years.

Saturday: Got my hair cut, ran lots of errands and then went to McMenamins in Bothell with K and A. It was fantastic and they make me laugh so much. We then watched Powder, that movie from like 1994. It was very 90’s. I had never seen it. It was…interesting.

Sunday: Held babies (well, just one), sat next to W at church, Seahawks pathetically lost to the Titans and then I spent the rest of the evening with R, C, and their boys A and A.

Monday: Didn’t feel well most of the day but lunch was delicious non-vegan pizza leftovers.  I made creme brulee which turned out perfect.