Monday-Saturday: Late Entries

I just am not staying on top of these entries! The goal is 183; 6 months.

Monday: Monday, Monday. I took the day off and spent it with him. He worked from my home and we enjoyed the beautiful fall day together. I cooked breakfast and dinner and we went to Feed Co. Burgers for lunch. It was a really a great day.

Tuesday: First day back to work ended with 1.5 hours of overtime. What a day.

Wednesday: A and I worked out together but first we ate frozen California Kitchen pizza.

Thursday: Hung out with him after work for 2 hours. We were both too tired to make much sense.

Friday: C’s Bachelorette Party started with dinner and ended with dessert. It was a fabulous time out with the girls in a big suburban to ride around in. It was a good time and a dream come true.

Saturday: Slept in, fasted for a variety of reasons for the day. I went for a walk in the fall crisp morning. I came upon a yellow house and an orange fluffy cat came out to the sidewalk to greet me. I petted his cute little head and he started to purr. Ran some errands, made some pumpkin bread, read some books and went for another walk. He came over later.

And what of this 6 month journey? Where am I at with it? I’m feeling good-moving forward and looking ahead.