Monday: Late entry. It was a good day! The sun came out too! He came over in the evening and we went for a run and then made orange chicken. He’s better at making orange chicken than I am, so I let him make it. We all gotta play to our strengths. We made a fort in my attic and ate dinner up there. It is a good fort but needs some remodelling still. We watched a Bee Movie and he fell asleep.

Tuesday: Slower day at work which was nice. Went for a run again! And I actually enjoyed it. I gotta start working out more so I can keep up with him. It’s good to have motivation. I started listening to My Favorite Murder podcast. Then talked on the phone with K for awhile telling her about him. Met up with D, B, W at Saffron Grill. We got free appetizer and dessert because the manager likes D. 🙂

I know I haven’t been as reflective as I was at the beginning of this journey. If someone ever tells me I have 6 months left to live, I know now that 6 months is a very long time! I feel like I have been daily blogging forever (and I haven’t even been able to do every day!)

Six months is plenty of time to get everything done that you need to get done, to wrap things up, to live life fully.

I remember when I moved a few years ago into an apartment building where my friends S & D were living. I knew they were planning to move to NYC but we didn’t know when they would finally move. I told God, just give me at least 1 day with them in the same apartment building. Just 1 day. They are so much fun and I just wanted to live a little bit of life closer to them. They ended up being there 10 months. We got 10 months together and it was so much fun. I loved every day. I think that way too about falling in love, getting married. Lord, give me a great guy and even if we only get just 1 day together, at least it will be 1 day. And 1 day is better than 0 days. I’ll take 1 over 0 any day. Just 1 day of being madly in love. I won’t take that 1 day for granted. And if you give me 2 days with him, I’ll count myself very blessed indeed. Does that sound desperate? Maybe I have just come to realize life is so fragile and there are no guarantees. No guarantees you will find love, get married. No guarantees you will live past 30 years old. No guarantees your parents, your friends, your family will be around. No guarantees you won’t have a natural disaster, a transportation disaster, a house fire, accident, injury, etc. I don’t want to take people or moments for granted!! We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.