Just 38 more posts after this! I’m tired of this reporting but I have a feeling that afterwards I just might miss it. I suppose that is how it is with a lot of things in life. You tire but then you miss it when it’s done.

Thursday: Met up with T, W, and him and we had a great time at Cantina Lena. The Cadillac Nachos are a dinner-must along with a pineapple cider there.

Friday: Hung out with K after work. She made the best steak, rice, and green beans. We then watched The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Such a great movie. K fell asleep for part of it but I still love it.

Saturday: I had brunch with K, A, and O and then we watched Willow and New In Town. Silly movies but it was raining outside and we was the best time together. Then I went and had dinner with M and K. And we watched United Kingdom. 3 movies, 5 friends, 1 rainy day.

Sunday: After holding babies at church, went to Shaker and Spear with J. We shared ricotta pancake and crab egg benedict. It was delicious.

Monday: Raced home after work to make chicken noodle soup with salad/bread for the shelter. Got it to them just in time. Raced back home to make myself dinner: tacos.