Wednesday: K came over for dinner and we chatted about life and boys.

Thursday: Seahawks beat the Cardinals although it came at a price.

Friday: Left work and got ready for the evening. I picked up E and we thought we had plenty of time to get to the party. And then we read the invite. We were already 20 minutes late! U’s birthday party at the LakeHouse in Bellevue. We were late, giftless, but we got forgiven. That’s why we like her. She takes us just the way we are. It was a great evening.

Saturday: Helped him and his daughter pack up the house. 6 year olds can talk a lot. But I knew this and we charmed each other on our first meeting. I left before the heavy lifting started and went to Liberty to hang with K, N, A, J, J, and R. It was quite enjoyable. No, let me rephrase that. It was exactly what I wanted and so fabulous. Sushi, Rum Away Bride cocktail and good people.