Sunday: After church, ate at Cantina Lena and J and I went to see Thor at the Cinerama. Then went to Costco. Church, Cinerama and Costco. The 3 C’s make for a good day! I bought the most comfortable pajamas at Costco.

Monday: U and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express after sushi at Japonessa. She’s so great.

Tuesday: We hung out, made salmon and rice for dinner and watched Batman 🙂

Wednesday: I filled my gas tank and was about the drive away from the pump but the man in front of me, who was pumping his gas, glanced up and looked to the side of my car. So I looked. And sure enough, my gas tank cover thing was still open. It was the most subtle of glances and he made no gestures/facial expressions of any kind but somehow I caught it. I wonder how many subtle glances I miss and end up in trouble…Watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and fell asleep. It was a good movie but a long time to be reading subtitles.