Friday: Well, I must say, we said “I’m so glad it’s Friday” a lot today in the office. I was on the brink of losing all patience more than once. We went to Bizzarro Cafe for Dinner with appetizer of hot wings at the nearby pub while we waited for our reservation. We had delicious pasta in a restaurant where a skeleton is hanging from the ceiling over our table. Afterwards, I introduced him to Archie McPhee where he promptly bought a plastic chicken head mask and I threw a little plastic chicken to his order. We then watched The Dark Knight. “Why so serious, son?”

Saturday: Woke up early to make big green bean casseroles and a coffee cake. The Green Bean Casseroles were for E to take to a homeless people’s thanksgiving lunch and the Coffee Cake was for M’s birthday brunch. I burnt my coat sleeve in the oven, which was quite distressing because I love that coat, it’s expensive and it’s going to be difficult to fix. Dang it. But hey, if I really had 2 weeks left to live, I wouldn’t care would I?

The Birthday Brunch was with mostly single women who have too much experience online dating. I had too much to say about the subject. Sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut but still it was quite entertaining I’m sure. I shared with them my 25 year old friend J’s advice, because he has so much life experience. He says, “Rhonda, you gotta give him a chance to adapt to you”. It’s very possible that if you run away too fast, you rob yourself of possible success. AND if you keep running, you are so silly to wonder why you are so tired. Of  course you are tired! You have been running for so long!

Spent the rest of the day with R and her family. 🙂 It was lovely and we had a very good time together. R always tells me when we are together that it feels like we are sisters. We are, R, we are.