Just a few days left of all these entries!

Sunday: Held babies at church then stayed for the next service, hung out with him and E, made gingerbread houses, returned a shirt to American Eagle. Started Brining a turkey.

Monday: Crazy busy day at work. I realized today that if you start brining a turkey way too early, it will get too salty. Went to Safeway and bought another turkey.

Tuesday: Crazy busy day at work but started Secret Santa Gift-Giving at work!

Wednesday: Got really cute thick socks from my sneaky Secret Santa πŸ™‚Β  My secret Santa made a gmail email address so sent me a message. It was so creative that I have narrowed down who I think my secret Santa is but that’s not the point. Cooked my first turkey. It was way too salty but delicious.

Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Woke up way too early on a day off to make Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and go feed the cat I’m cat-sitting. Her name is K and she is so cutely almost-crossed eyed. J said that K would be skittish but K was super friendly to me πŸ™‚

Spent the day at M’s house. We had a relaxing fabulous day. I spent the night after watching movies and eating all day. Very Thankful.

I know I should be saying more but…maybe writing is not the best way to be completely present in the moment sometimes so…gotta make it quick! πŸ™‚