I can’t believe day 183 is almost here. And that will be it. Almost 6 months. Almost Done. It has been a really long 6 months. That 3 weeks of having a dog was a really long 3 weeks. I’ve done a lot in the last 6 months. But I’m really looking forward to the next 6 months with some things already planned! 🙂

Day 179-Sunday: Went to church and then raced home to make 6 lbs of mashed potatoes for Friendsgiving at 5pm. The mashed potatoes turned out very well although didn’t get completely eaten. It was a good gathering but I do tend to stick to the people I know and didn’t make any new friends. It’s just as well. I do love the people I know. I kind of regretted not being more extroverted later, kind of. Left early to meet up with D-my new friend. We went to Bedlam Coffee shop and drank hot chocolate and played scrabble. He beat me by one point. One point! I kept getting all vowels and there’s no winning when you keep playing vowels.

Day 180-Monday: Crazy busy day at work after a 4 day weekend. I can’t even remember what I did that evening.

Day 181-Tuesday: Another crazy busy day. Cancelled my plans in the evening and stayed home to help sanity prevail. I cleaned but then he came over and I didn’t get everything done but I had a wonderful time relaxing. I got him to start watching The Great British Baking Show and he liked it! Not surprising.

Day 182-Wednesday: One more crazy day at work. I’ve been training a nurse yesterday and today to take my place for the next week. Talking non-stop for 2 days is exhausting. I don’t know how talky people talk non-stop. It’s not for me. Left late work again and had planned to hang out with A but she needed to cancel. Then K and A wanted to hang out! We went to Tulula’s for fries, flatbread, and brussel sprouts. It was delicious and I love them dearly. A took me home and now I’m currently getting ready for my trip to see the fam. I’m so excited 🙂