My name is Rhonda. I live in Seattle, Washington.  I am 35.  I work.  I live.  I love.  I laugh.  I learn.  I am a lot like you in many ways.  But my name is Rhonda.

The name “Rhonda” in certain books has different definitions such as “powerful river”, “grand”, “a good lance” but I have been called many other things that have nothing to do with rivers and lances.

My dad use to call me weasel (I’m glad he has stopped that).  My mom calls me W.O.G.  (woman of God).  My sister and brother in law call me Boonda.  I use to work with a guy who called me Duchess Red.  I have friends and family that have and some still do call me:  Riggadonda, Panda, Rhondaroo, Lazarus, Roberta, Sharon, Auntie, Auntie Roo, Rhoda, Rootbeer, Rhondie, Doctor Berghoff, Jane, Rhondabear, Babydoll, Fetus.  You may not believe me but all of those names I have been called many many times.  Friends come and go.  Nicknames come and go.  As I change, move, make new friends, the nicknames change.

Anyway, I love writing and I hope you will enjoy my posts.

Let me know what you think!

One Response to “About”

  1. Kristen Basili Says:

    love the site

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