And this is it. Last days of 6 months.

November 29, Thursday: Travelled all day to Arkansas with a long 3 hour layover in Detroit in the middle which I took advantage of and had a plate of sushi and miso soup. The family picked me up at the airport at 10PM in the 15 passenger van. It’s so good to see my dad too! He is very much confined to bed and not all that communicative but he’s a still alive and kicking.

December 1, 2017: Friday. Went with A to get our nails done after breakfast at Chick-fil-a 🙂 She generously treated me to a wonderfully red pedicure at the Le Nails and Spa salon. She’s a sweet kid and a better driver than the last time I was in Arkansas. We came back and joined the fam to make gingerbread houses, jump on the trampoline, take a nap, eat peanut butter sandwiches, shop at Walmart, get frozen yogurt with the 4 youngest kids, walk home from The Dreamy Spoon, play Wii bowling, watch Monsters Inc, peel potatoes for mashed potatoes/roasted chicken dinner. It’s been a great last day.

And that’s it. Then end of the 6 month journey. And I don’t know if I ever want to write another blog post again 🙂 A lot has happened in the last 6 months and although I do have a few regrets and not all of it has gone according to plan, it’s been good. I am excited for the next 6 months! Life is too short to be vacant from it. Don’t vacate your life. Live it fully and with intention. I am thankful for the grace to continue to learn how to do this. To live with fully lit eyes, not vacant eyes. To live it surrounded by people you care about. To live, thankful and on purpose.


I can’t believe day 183 is almost here. And that will be it. Almost 6 months. Almost Done. It has been a really long 6 months. That 3 weeks of having a dog was a really long 3 weeks. I’ve done a lot in the last 6 months. But I’m really looking forward to the next 6 months with some things already planned! 🙂

Day 179-Sunday: Went to church and then raced home to make 6 lbs of mashed potatoes for Friendsgiving at 5pm. The mashed potatoes turned out very well although didn’t get completely eaten. It was a good gathering but I do tend to stick to the people I know and didn’t make any new friends. It’s just as well. I do love the people I know. I kind of regretted not being more extroverted later, kind of. Left early to meet up with D-my new friend. We went to Bedlam Coffee shop and drank hot chocolate and played scrabble. He beat me by one point. One point! I kept getting all vowels and there’s no winning when you keep playing vowels.

Day 180-Monday: Crazy busy day at work after a 4 day weekend. I can’t even remember what I did that evening.

Day 181-Tuesday: Another crazy busy day. Cancelled my plans in the evening and stayed home to help sanity prevail. I cleaned but then he came over and I didn’t get everything done but I had a wonderful time relaxing. I got him to start watching The Great British Baking Show and he liked it! Not surprising.

Day 182-Wednesday: One more crazy day at work. I’ve been training a nurse yesterday and today to take my place for the next week. Talking non-stop for 2 days is exhausting. I don’t know how talky people talk non-stop. It’s not for me. Left late work again and had planned to hang out with A but she needed to cancel. Then K and A wanted to hang out! We went to Tulula’s for fries, flatbread, and brussel sprouts. It was delicious and I love them dearly. A took me home and now I’m currently getting ready for my trip to see the fam. I’m so excited 🙂

Friday: Relaxed morning with breakfast with M then headed downtown to take care of the Kitty K. We hung out awhile and then I met up with people to watch the annual lighting of the downtown Christmas Tree.

Saturday: After a lovely chai and breakfast sandwich at Mr. West cafe, went shopping for all the sales. So many sales!

T and I went to see the Humans at the Seattle Repertory Theater. I’ve been wanting to go to S.R.T. for so long! It was a great show. We then had excellent noodle soup and a grocery trip at Uwajimaya. Excellent day!



Just a few days left of all these entries!

Sunday: Held babies at church then stayed for the next service, hung out with him and E, made gingerbread houses, returned a shirt to American Eagle. Started Brining a turkey.

Monday: Crazy busy day at work. I realized today that if you start brining a turkey way too early, it will get too salty. Went to Safeway and bought another turkey.

Tuesday: Crazy busy day at work but started Secret Santa Gift-Giving at work!

Wednesday: Got really cute thick socks from my sneaky Secret Santa 🙂  My secret Santa made a gmail email address so sent me a message. It was so creative that I have narrowed down who I think my secret Santa is but that’s not the point. Cooked my first turkey. It was way too salty but delicious.

Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Woke up way too early on a day off to make Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and go feed the cat I’m cat-sitting. Her name is K and she is so cutely almost-crossed eyed. J said that K would be skittish but K was super friendly to me 🙂

Spent the day at M’s house. We had a relaxing fabulous day. I spent the night after watching movies and eating all day. Very Thankful.

I know I should be saying more but…maybe writing is not the best way to be completely present in the moment sometimes so…gotta make it quick! 🙂

Friday: Well, I must say, we said “I’m so glad it’s Friday” a lot today in the office. I was on the brink of losing all patience more than once. We went to Bizzarro Cafe for Dinner with appetizer of hot wings at the nearby pub while we waited for our reservation. We had delicious pasta in a restaurant where a skeleton is hanging from the ceiling over our table. Afterwards, I introduced him to Archie McPhee where he promptly bought a plastic chicken head mask and I threw a little plastic chicken to his order. We then watched The Dark Knight. “Why so serious, son?”

Saturday: Woke up early to make big green bean casseroles and a coffee cake. The Green Bean Casseroles were for E to take to a homeless people’s thanksgiving lunch and the Coffee Cake was for M’s birthday brunch. I burnt my coat sleeve in the oven, which was quite distressing because I love that coat, it’s expensive and it’s going to be difficult to fix. Dang it. But hey, if I really had 2 weeks left to live, I wouldn’t care would I?

The Birthday Brunch was with mostly single women who have too much experience online dating. I had too much to say about the subject. Sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut but still it was quite entertaining I’m sure. I shared with them my 25 year old friend J’s advice, because he has so much life experience. He says, “Rhonda, you gotta give him a chance to adapt to you”. It’s very possible that if you run away too fast, you rob yourself of possible success. AND if you keep running, you are so silly to wonder why you are so tired. Of  course you are tired! You have been running for so long!

Spent the rest of the day with R and her family. 🙂 It was lovely and we had a very good time together. R always tells me when we are together that it feels like we are sisters. We are, R, we are.


THURSDAY: Season 4 of the Great British Baking Show came out on Netflix. My life is now complete and balanced again. I also started looking up information on Memphis (which I anticipate a trip to in the very near future) and laser hair removal. Bring it!


Sunday: After church, ate at Cantina Lena and J and I went to see Thor at the Cinerama. Then went to Costco. Church, Cinerama and Costco. The 3 C’s make for a good day! I bought the most comfortable pajamas at Costco.

Monday: U and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express after sushi at Japonessa. She’s so great.

Tuesday: We hung out, made salmon and rice for dinner and watched Batman 🙂

Wednesday: I filled my gas tank and was about the drive away from the pump but the man in front of me, who was pumping his gas, glanced up and looked to the side of my car. So I looked. And sure enough, my gas tank cover thing was still open. It was the most subtle of glances and he made no gestures/facial expressions of any kind but somehow I caught it. I wonder how many subtle glances I miss and end up in trouble…Watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and fell asleep. It was a good movie but a long time to be reading subtitles.

Wednesday: K came over for dinner and we chatted about life and boys.

Thursday: Seahawks beat the Cardinals although it came at a price.

Friday: Left work and got ready for the evening. I picked up E and we thought we had plenty of time to get to the party. And then we read the invite. We were already 20 minutes late! U’s birthday party at the LakeHouse in Bellevue. We were late, giftless, but we got forgiven. That’s why we like her. She takes us just the way we are. It was a great evening.

Saturday: Helped him and his daughter pack up the house. 6 year olds can talk a lot. But I knew this and we charmed each other on our first meeting. I left before the heavy lifting started and went to Liberty to hang with K, N, A, J, J, and R. It was quite enjoyable. No, let me rephrase that. It was exactly what I wanted and so fabulous. Sushi, Rum Away Bride cocktail and good people.


23 days to go!

Monday: Woke up early to pray and read and write. It’s a new day, new grace, new mercy, new inspiration. It’s almost the end of a season, a year.

A and I worked out after work and ate Udon Noodles.

Tuesday: Today is VOTING DAY! And my friend L’s birthday AND the Seattle Humane Society brought a van with cats in it for viewing/adoption at work. I want a cat but…I don’t want one bad enough to buy one. If one showed up at my doorstep, I would keep it though. I tried to make Indian food tonight but it wasn’t that great. Just a reminder of why I eat Indian food at restaurants and not at home.



Currently listening to Center Aisle by Caedmon’s Call. Such a sad contemplative song. I guess I’m feeling contemplative, which isn’t a bad thing.

Friday: We got western plaid shirts for the concert tomorrow and ate Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner. And watched Stranger Things2 🙂

Saturday: We met up with A and W for brunch at London Plane. Such a good restaurant in Pioneer Square. And then we hopped on the train to Tacoma for the Garth Brooks concert. No matter what you think of country music, you can’t deny his success that spans decades. It was a full house at 2pm. He played his hits and it was a great show.

Sunday: Daylight savings! Went to church, called my mom and then went to Ballard for lunch at Bitter Root with M. We had a good time and we will see if it happens again. Seahawks lost and I finished Stranger Things 2, voted, cleaned house and got my blog post done 🙂

Time seems to be speeding up, the days are flying by, the seasons are changing, and we are on the fast track to wherever we are headed. Don’t forget to tell the people around you that you love them-don’t leave business unfinished because you never know when your last day will be.


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