74 days to go.

Late Entry. Monday, Monday.

I don’t remember what happened during the day at work but I remember the evening. We made homemade pizza with toppings from Trader Joe’s. The pizzas turned out quite nice! Then we played Sorry (I won but who is keeping score?). And it rained hard outside. And it was a lovely evening.


75 days to go.

Late Entry again. It was a wonderful morning at church and then I spent the next few hours hanging out with K in Bellevue. We ate at the dirty bird and then shopped. I bought more shoes. It felt good. It was raining and cold by the time we left.

76 days to go.

I’m slacking in getting my posts up. Only 76 days to go so I gotta keep going!

A and I went running at Greenlake and then we got brunch at Varsity. Delicious. I love that place.

Ran errands, went shopping, bought presents, etc.

Very productive day. 🙂

77 days to go.


Finally watched Pretty Woman for the first time. “The bad stuff is easier to believe, you ever notice that?” That line just happened.

78 days to go.

Late Entry. Thursday.

I had dinner, dessert on a rooftop, live music and it was very lovely.

79 days to go.

The leaves are definitely changing and it’s getting colder. Summer is gone. (Well, not completely-I’m going to Hawaii in October!).

I’ve been hooked on two podcasts lately: “Up and Vanished” and “Serial”. And I’m back to watching “I love Lucy”.

Talked to E on the phone today to plan for my Jesus Is______ project I’m scheduled for next week.

After cleaning and cooking a full dinner on the bbq, I talked to L on the phone. We’d been needing to catch up for quite awhile. She has two little girls, K and M who I desperately need to go see before they get any bigger however, the roads are blocked to her town due to the surrounding fires.

80 days to go.

Late Entry. Tuesday.

I’m not sure I am as contemplative now as I was when I first started this journey. But you know, I have enjoyed the last few months very much. And I only have 80 more entries to go!

And if I ever start to feel down, I remember that time I had a dog for 3 weeks, how I don’t have a dog anymore and I feel so happy and content again. Chester’s first birthday is next week. I hope he’s happy!