121 days to go.

Day 2 of not eating animal products. Even if I don’t live until I’m 100, life is going to feel really long on this meal plan. My intestines are having fun adjusting too.

I started watching another documentary on Netflix (Cowspiracy) about animals, diets and saving the planet. And then I went onto a scheduled pharmaceutical dinner at none other than…The Butcher’s Table. On the ride there, the uber driver and I started talking. Tom was friendly and I told him I was decreasing American animal products in my diet (after we talked about a bunch of other things). Tom basically said I was crazy and I shouldn’t do it. A complete stranger was very against me not eating beef.

The funny thing about talking about changing your own behavior, strangers seem to have an opinion about it. (My mother and friends I’ve talked to are very encouraging). I get the feeling some people are less defensive about their money/sex habits than they are about their diet. The thing is, we’ve all been eating longer than we have been having sex (well, you have) and we’ve been eating longer than we have been spending money.

So to change your diet? Something given to you originally by your own mother? That’s crazy talk. It’s like betrayal! Betrayal of your culture, your family, your social life, your intestinal bacteria that’s been there for decades.

The strangers I’ve told about changing my diet bring up animal cruelty and although I think animal cruelty is horrible, my reasons for not eating American animal products are way more selfish. You live longer when you eat a diet void of American toxins.

At the Butcher’s Table, I ordered a cauliflower steak. It’s not steak. It’s a thick slice of a head of cauliflower. I have never in my entire life enjoyed cauliflower but tonight, I did. I honestly enjoyed that seared/seasoned cauliflower. I was also quite hungry despite “eating” before I went. Cauliflower? Really? You are trading in a thick cut of beef for cauliflower?

I got two vegan cookbooks in the mail today. Let the party begin!



122 days to go.

Great day at work and was able to catch up on things.

An animal-based diet is known to cause cancers among other diseases (some of which run in my family) so what am I doing still eating animal products? Have I been believing a lie? A Western lie that says milk is the only way to get calcium and prevent osteoporosis? A lie that says protein has to come from meat?

I went to Whole Foods starving. Which is the only way to go Vegan Grocery Shopping for the first time. I filled up my cart. I told the cashier that it was my first shopping trip as a Vegan. He said, “I could never do that”. We chatted about it briefly. He was young and obese. I felt sad he didn’t think he could be healthy.

I know diet is a personal decision. The Western diet of animal based products is pretty much suicide though. I want to die of old age! I don’t want to die of cancer and tumors and heart disease and diabetes and hypertension. I want to live. And I never liked eggs anyway so giving that up is not much of a sacrifice.

I came home and watched “Forks over Knives” on Netflix. Another documentary.

Even if half of the documentary is lies, that other 50% is pretty convincing nonetheless. I cleaned out the fridge. And ate Fresh Spring Rolls with lettuce, carrots, cucumber and tofu dipped in Peanut Sauce. Delicious. I could eat that every day and be perfectly happy.

Vegan. I don’t know if I want to admit adoption of that lifestyle. People judge you for not eating meat. But the consequence of not changing my diet? What of that?

If I was told that I could prevent myself from having breast cancer in 10 years by eating vegan, would I do it? Of course.



Late Entry: 123 days to go.

My mom keeps calling every morning at 6AM even though I stopped waking up so early. I’ve been hitting “snooze” since I got rid of Chester. I want to start getting up again at 6am, just not quite yet.

I watched “What the Health?” on Netflix. I’ve watched other documentaries on food in America but this time it was different. Maybe the timing is better now than it was before. I always associated being “Vegan” as something done by extreme people, hippies, weirdos, crazy animal lovers. I also felt like going Vegan was hard and not something I was disciplined enough to ever do. And I love cheeseburgers.

So, I ordered 4 Vegan Cookbooks from Amazon.

I work with a Vegan and she’s normal. Maybe I can be a normal Vegan too?

124 days to go.

Held babies at church and then went to R and C’s church. It was a great service and then lunch at the food trucks. R and I had crepes. C had mac and cheese. Then we went swimming and had Red Robin for dinner.

Remember: Be faithful.

125 days to go.

Late Entry.

Listened to podcasts today among other things.

I made beautiful chocolate cupcakes with edible mini gold stars on them for a B’s birthday party. We all got dressed up and had Greek food. My cupcakes were beautiful but tasted like the one ingredient I used that was expired. Vegetable oil. Bad mistake.

Remember (from the podcast I listened to): 1 Corinthians 13:11-When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

The interesting thing about this verse is that when you grow up, you put away childish things, NOT I put away childish things and then I grew up. If you are a grown up, put away childish things, things that benefited you as a child but don’t benefit you now. As a kid there are things you gotta do, gotta say, gotta understand in a childish way. But you aren’t a child anymore. You gotta put away that childish stuff. It’s time. You’re too old to keep acting this way. You are following people you should be leading. You are letting people pay your way when you should be paying their way. You are acting insecure when you should be handing out confidence to the little people. Stop looking at the ground and get your head up. Pull your hands out of your pockets and start directing traffic (starting with your own traffic). Sleep when you gotta sleep. Wake up when you gotta wake up. Be honest. Discipline yourself. Forgive. Take the high road. Pray for those you don’t like-ask God to bless them.


126 days to go.

I had the day off today so took my car in for an oil change and then went to Les Schwab because I had a screw in the tire. Ran a few other errands and got lunch at a convenience store. I have never bought lunch at a convenience store but this particular place has the best fried chicken west of the Mississippi.

B is coming over tonight. I just might introduce her to The Great British Baking Show. It’s a habit I seem to have these days, introducing friends to the best shows after summer-ing outside on a warm evening.

Started reading Christine Caine’s book, Unashamed.

Remember: You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.

127 days to go.

Late Entry.

I got “Employee of the Month” at work. It’s not really an accomplishment because everyone gets it at some point. They asked if I had a speech and I said something like, “Thank you. Good work everyone. Thank you again”. I later realized I could have given the speech I have prepared for when I accept my Oscar. I told J, who has the desk next to mine, my speech. She liked it.

I’ll tell you now. It goes like this: “Thank you so much for this award. They say if you see a turtle at the top of a fence post, you know one thing. He didn’t get there by himself.  I am nothing more than a turtle on a fence post. I didn’t get here by myself and I am eternally grateful to all of you who made this possible by giving me your support through the years.” Applause, applause, standing ovation, a few tears then sit down as fast as possible without falling down the stairs.

I introduced L to The Great British Baking Show after a lovely meal of kabobs and wine. We watched the first episode of Season 2 because A and I had watched the first episode of Season 1 the night before. L loved it and she talked through the whole thing too just like A. Talkers are the best.