Tuesday-Hung out in the evening with L and B at the Saffron Grill. They have the best Indian food with pesto naan.

Wednesday-Got my nails done for the wedding! I was the last one in the salon which was actually quite fun to watch the workers/artists unwind and act happier as they prepared to go home.

Thursday-had Thai food with P. We had a good time.

Friday-We went for a run and then had Mexican food at Riconsito’s. We then went to the movie theater and saw the new Spiderman movie. It was an ok movie.

Saturday-Rehearsal and Lunch! This day has finally arrived! C is getting married. I met C 9 years ago, and we’ve been talking about boys and dating consistently. We had no idea what the future would hold but C held to her dream of marrying an amazing man, and now she is. Went to a Needtobreathe concert at the Moore Theater. I’ve always wanted to go to the Moore Theater. It was so cool!

Sunday-Wedding Day!! Woke up early and made my way to the Edgewater for a full day. S did my hair and makeup. It was a beautiful perfect day. I was so happy for C and B. It was amazing from start to finish. I walked down the aisle without tripping and was the last one on the dance floor. Success all around.

Monday-Made lamb and mashed potatoes for dinner after a run. It was a beautiful evening and we had a good time.

Tuesday-Halloween!! I dressed up as Lucille Ball. And although I think I looked great, I don’t think anyone knew what I was until I told them and then they just kind of nodded and half smiled.

Wednesday-He made me salmon for dinner and brought me chrysanthemums πŸ™‚ I got him hooked on Stranger Things as a thank you.

Thursday-Made turkey pot pie. It was delicious. Watched Stranger Things 2.

It’s hard to believe it’s November and this 6 month journey is almost over. The holidays are here and the weather is getting colder. Starbucks changed their cups although they are not the Christmas cups yet. I love the Christmas cups.

Just 38 more posts after this! I’m tired of this reporting but I have a feeling that afterwards I just might miss it. I suppose that is how it is with a lot of things in life. You tire but then you miss it when it’s done.

Thursday: Met up with T, W, and him and we had a great time at Cantina Lena. The Cadillac Nachos are a dinner-must along with a pineapple cider there.

Friday: Hung out with K after work. She made the best steak, rice, and green beans. We then watched The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Such a great movie. K fell asleep for part of it but I still love it.

Saturday: I had brunch with K, A, and O and then we watched Willow and New In Town. Silly movies but it was raining outside and we was the best time together. Then I went and had dinner with M and K. And we watched United Kingdom. 3 movies, 5 friends, 1 rainy day.

Sunday: After holding babies at church, went to Shaker and Spear with J. We shared ricotta pancake and crab egg benedict. It was delicious.

Monday: Raced home after work to make chicken noodle soup with salad/bread for the shelter. Got it to them just in time. Raced back home to make myself dinner: tacos.


Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? He didn’t have the guts!

Why didn’t the skeleton go to prom? He didn’t have any BODY to go with!

Hung out with A in the evening. We wanted to go for a walk but it was pouring rain so we ate at a restaurant and then got hot chocolate at Starbucks. A’s so great and I sure do enjoy being with her.


Monday: Late entry. It was a good day! The sun came out too! He came over in the evening and we went for a run and then made orange chicken. He’s better at making orange chicken than I am, so I let him make it. We all gotta play to our strengths. We made a fort in my attic and ate dinner up there. It is a good fort but needs some remodelling still. We watched a Bee Movie and he fell asleep.

Tuesday: Slower day at work which was nice. Went for a run again! And I actually enjoyed it. I gotta start working out more so I can keep up with him. It’s good to have motivation. I started listening to My Favorite Murder podcast. Then talked on the phone with K for awhile telling her about him. Met up with D, B, W at Saffron Grill. We got free appetizer and dessert because the manager likes D. πŸ™‚

I know I haven’t been as reflective as I was at the beginning of this journey. If someone ever tells me I have 6 months left to live, I know now that 6 months is a very long time! I feel like I have been daily blogging forever (and I haven’t even been able to do every day!)

Six months is plenty of time to get everything done that you need to get done, to wrap things up, to live life fully.

I remember when I moved a few years ago into an apartment building where my friends S & D were living. I knew they were planning to move to NYC but we didn’t know when they would finally move. I told God, just give me at least 1 day with them in the same apartment building. Just 1 day. They are so much fun and I just wanted to live a little bit of life closer to them. They ended up being there 10 months. We got 10 months together and it was so much fun. I loved every day. I think that way too about falling in love, getting married. Lord, give me a great guy and even if we only get just 1 day together, at least it will be 1 day. And 1 day is better than 0 days. I’ll take 1 over 0 any day. Just 1 day of being madly in love. I won’t take that 1 day for granted. And if you give me 2 days with him, I’ll count myself very blessed indeed. Does that sound desperate? Maybe I have just come to realize life is so fragile and there are no guarantees. No guarantees you will find love, get married. No guarantees you will live past 30 years old. No guarantees your parents, your friends, your family will be around. No guarantees you won’t have a natural disaster, a transportation disaster, a house fire, accident, injury, etc. I don’t want to take people or moments for granted!! We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Sunday~Woke up at 3am to eat some pumpkin bread. I like fasting but I like eating more. Felt more invigorated and re-energized emotionally when I woke up. Then went to church and made my way to Bothell to babysit a little 5 day old boy who is 4.5 lbs. We sat on the couch and ate (cuz it takes 1.5 hours to down ~5 oz of formula). We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Holiday. K loved them. We had a swell time together but by the time we were done, I was quite tired as I didn’t get my Sunday afternoon nap.

Monday-Saturday: Late Entries

I just am not staying on top of these entries! The goal is 183; 6 months.

Monday: Monday, Monday. I took the day off and spent it with him. He worked from my home and we enjoyed the beautiful fall day together. I cooked breakfast and dinner and we went to Feed Co. Burgers for lunch. It was a really a great day.

Tuesday: First day back to work ended with 1.5 hours of overtime. What a day.

Wednesday: A and I worked out together but first we ate frozen California Kitchen pizza.

Thursday: Hung out with him after work for 2 hours. We were both too tired to make much sense.

Friday: C’s Bachelorette Party started with dinner and ended with dessert. It was a fabulous time out with the girls in a big suburban to ride around in. It was a good time and a dream come true.

Saturday: Slept in, fasted for a variety of reasons for the day. I went for a walk in the fall crisp morning. I came upon a yellow house and an orange fluffy cat came out to the sidewalk to greet me. I petted his cute little head and he started to purr. Ran some errands, made some pumpkin bread, read some books and went for another walk. He came over later.

And what of this 6 month journey? Where am I at with it? I’m feeling good-moving forward and looking ahead.

Well, I have been busy I guess. And I have been to Hawaii during this time. It was so beautiful. B and I stayed busy enjoying all sides of the Big Island which is so full of life and abundance.

Yesterday, I made an excellent chicken salad for C’s Bridal Shower and got some balloons (because every party needs balloons). It was a lovely shower. Then later enjoyed the UFC fight with T and W. What a great day!

Today, after church, spent time with J in Ballard. We discussed ideas, philosophies and social interactions which is what we always discuss. And we love it.

71, 70, 69, 68, 67 days to go. Β Late Entries-obviously.

Thursday: I’m sure it was a lovely evening πŸ™‚

Friday: He came over at 7:30pm so we walked to the vegan thai restaurant for dinner and then watched BlueBloods. It was a very nice evening. He brought me flowers. I haven’t had a boy bring me flowers in a long time…I think it’s been at least 2 years.

Saturday: Got my hair cut, ran lots of errands and then went to McMenamins in Bothell with K and A. It was fantastic and they make me laugh so much. We then watched Powder, that movie from like 1994. It was very 90’s. I had never seen it. It was…interesting.

Sunday: Held babies (well, just one), sat next to W at church, Seahawks pathetically lost to the Titans and then I spent the rest of the evening with R, C, and their boys A and A.

Monday: Didn’t feel well most of the day but lunch was delicious non-vegan pizza leftovers. Β I made creme brulee which turned out perfect.




72 days to go.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I wish I was with her and could make her a big chocolate cake and her favorite meal. She loves Mexican food. And gardening. And books. And Scrabble. And her husband, kids, grandkids, and son in law. And all her friends. πŸ™‚ Yes, in that exact order. My mom has been the stable force in my life. I’ve watched her pray my entire life and I have no doubt that’s the reasons things have turned out as well as they have for us.

Today is also the day of my sister’s death. Angela died in 1982. They woke up and found her passed away. I slept in that day which was something I never did back then. She was one of my first friends and I didn’t get to say goodbye.

Remember: Say what you need to say. Before it’s too late!

And it’s almost Friday! Hallelujah!

73 days to go.

Worked, ate, cleaned, and sent emails for a volunteer event I’m heading up in 2 days.

(Oh and the cutest little baby moccasins came in the mail today. I ordered them for a friend from The Land of Nod and they sent a pair 2 weeks ago but the package never made it to my doorstep. I told them of my disappointment so they mailed me another pair. Very generous of them!)

Was the day lived to the fullest? Well, I called my mom so I think the day was a success πŸ™‚