Everything around you, every article of clothing, every pen, candle, TV, couch, piece of carpet, car, street, building, all music, every business, every movie, every airplane, every book, every school, every invention, every farm, every magazine, every act of love or violence, all started with one thing.  Someone’s thought, someone’s idea.

We walk in, we sit on, we wear, we listen, we watch, we read, we eat someone’s idea that was turned into real substance.  Every part of your life is full of someone else’s ideas.

All you need is a thought that leads to another thought  and another and another and then turns into a full-fledged idea which if developed, believed in, and marketed, could change the world or at least change the way you do something.

We could burn everything and yet, as humans full of brains that are full of ideas, we could rebuild it all.

(I’m trying to write this while watching Seinfeld-which truly is a show about nothing and yet, so amazingly interesting—Not only am I watching Seinfeld, but I’m also tired, and trying to write an intelligent blog post.  This is an impossible situation).

You don’t need tons of money, tons of friends, tons of time, tons of energy.  You just need to keep thinking, keep creating, keep coming up with ideas.  All that you need, could very well, be right in front of you—or in you.

I’m not worried about you though.  You just keep being you, keep thinking, keep coming up with ideas.  And everything will be just fine.